Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Visited my brother C this afternoon. Took me about 25 mins on the bus to get there.  He lives in one of the streets in Bensham which are near the East Coast mainline.  There is a wide lane which goes along the bottom of all the streets which is parallel to the train track.  I walked this way today so I could get a shot of the fence for Wide Wednesday.  The theme is " Minimalism ".  Thanks to Freyjad  for hosting.

Musical link - Morning TRAIN - by Sheena Easton

As I was walking along I almost stepped on a tiny mouse.  It just sat there while I took its photo.  See Extra.

I walked up C's back lane so I could check out the flags on his flagpole.  He's flying the Jolly Roger and the flag of the White Star line.  The rope has broken and it needs replacing so the flags aren't flying properly.  And it wasn't a very windy day so I couldn't get a shot of them fully open.  I've added an Extra of the best photo I took.

 When I got round to the front street Colin was already sitting out in his small garden. He was on the bench and there was a wooden seat ready for me.  ( see Extra ) We had a nice catch up and he showed me all the wooden planters he had made and the bonsai trees he's planted in them.  He's also got an Acer and an olive tree.  Its great that he's keeping busy and is keen to tell me about his future projects.  As we sat there quite a few trains came whizzing by - some were Cross Country, some were goods trains and some were new Virgin Azuma trains.

I had heard that there would be a fly past of a Spitfire plane this afternoon. A Spitfire was to take off from Duxford Airport at 10am this morning and fly over various hospitals all around the North of England and was due to fly over our local hospital at 2.25pm. It was in aid of the NHS. C and I were sitting out ready and waiting at 2.25pm but there was no Spitfire.  I heard later that they had to cancel the flypast in this area as it was too cloudy.  Typical.  We have  had a few days of lovely weather but today it was dull, cloudy and cold.

Before catching the bus home I nipped in to see Neil at work as it was quite near where C lives.  Nice to see him.  He was behind a plastic screen so he doesn't wear a mask.  Of course I had to wear one.

When I got home I felt weary so I had a nap on the sofa.  Around 8.30pm my Asda delivery arrived.  I was pleased with the quality of the items and the prices - and there was only one item which was unavailable.  A good shop.  Took ages to unpack it, wash it and put it all away. 

Steps today - 7,678

CORONA CLASSIC - Bahn frei!, Polka schnell, Op. 45 - Eduard Strauss

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