While on my runs

By waipushrink

The advantages of bicycling; Day 38

With the Covid-19 restrictions continuing in Auckland, I was made acutely aware on my way home tonight of the traffic constraints one avoids by riding a bicycle.

It is possible to use the bus lane as this photo shows a cyclist doing. More than that, had there not been a bus lane to use, the cyclist would still have been riding past these cars. Behind me as I took this photograph, the traffic lights were green and the cars were immobile. Some sort of incident somewhere had cast the central city traffic into gridlock.

When this cyclist reached the lights she was able also to ride across Grafton Bridge which no cars can cross between 0700 and 1900 Monday to Friday. 

Even allowing for stopping to take this photograph, my ride home took the 45 usual quarter of an hour. Had I driven, it could have taken as long as an hour (the time it did take on one occasion). And (other than when an impatient bus driver hoons past closer than I like) the journey is stress free.

The announcement today that there is likely to be an easing of the Alert Level in the rest of New Zealand, but no change in Auckland (despite four days without any new community cases) emphasises the caution of the Ministry of Health in its advice to the Government. This is erroneously being called "political" by "Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition". They are making a health decision into a political football. However, the Governemnt still enjoys great support from the people of New Zealand.

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