Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

I came out to water my plants and was greeted by loads of lice... red ones and smaller white ones, that fly. So, I had to cut down and throw away my aubergine plants, they had a lice invasion... On the leaf down right, there're some red dots, and also darker red ones... those are the red lice. I also had to cut down the rest of the tomato plants and I brought branches inside - thoroughly checked for any kind of lice. Fingers crossed the tomatoes will grow and mature inside. I harvested a small cucumber and I will feast on it this evening. I didn't want to cut down the cucumber, it's thriving still. And, I just asked a friend of mine if she can put my Fuchsia in her allotment cottage. Safer for it to be inside, but not have the warmth in the apartment. That can cause it to be infested with lice... 
I think I'm going to close down the greenhouse earlier than I had planned. I need to take care of my chili plants too and make sure I don't bring lice inside my home.  
Plans just keep changing...

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