Silly Saturday

Mackerel Sky with Juvenile Blackbird is its surreal title.

The blue sky didn't last long before it clouded over, but it never actually rained. Lots and lots of bird visitors to the garden today, welcome as ever.

This morning I laid off reading the paper to do some packing up of breakables into boxes, to store out of the way in readiness for major decorating anon. After I'd filled three boxes, I decided to reward myself with a sit-down and finish the paper:

"Have you got the paper?" I asked Mr PP.
"No," he replied. "I thought you were reading it."
"Yes, I was, but I stopped to do some packing of china and ornaments. I wonder where I put it ...?"

At that point the penny dropped. I'd been wrapping all the different bits and pieces in old newspaper as we'd run out of bubble wrap. I cautiously checked the date on one of the torn, screwed up bits of paper: 19th September 2020. Ah. That's where it went!!!

Unscrewed the only page I usually read, plus the letters page, and they were still decipherable. Fortunately the crossword (the main bit we buy it for) was still flat, so that was OK.

Well, it is Silly Saturday!!!

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