Onwards and upwards....

By Yana1

2095. Lily

Spent most of the day at my step daughter's house installing the new Home Theatre System that we have bought her for her birthday in a couple of weeks.  It wasn't plain sailing but we got it sorted...we had hoped without the need for an optical cable...but didn't manage that...had to go out and buy one to be fitted tomorrow morning.  We did get a panic call from her tonight saying that it wasn't working...only to discover that the mute button was enabled on the remote!

We also ordered a new Induction Hob from Curry's on our way home as absolutely love the small one we bought just to try it out.  Also removed our old oven (which we never use) and remodelled the space it was in, to house storage baskets (also ordered from John Lewis) by adding a shelf which has now been stained to match the cherry wood finish and will be all fitted in by tomorrow.  Hopefully the baskets will arrive next week and our new hob soon after.  We mainly use a Panasonic Combination Microwave/Fan assisted oven/Grill which is huge and brilliant as well as a small air fryer/oven so haven't used the old tired electric oven for years.  I've wanted rid of it for ages but it was also an issue about the gap as we didn't have an appliance to replace it...but the baskets are lovely and they will look great in the space...almost as if they were made to fit.

My extra today is two of my step daughters...and a rare "normal" photo of them together...my youngest step daughter paid us all a surprise visit today (not both of us at the same time) just for a cuppa then heade home...it was good to see her.

I'm a  bit tired tonight as it's been a full on week again....can't see next week being much quieter really...new carpet being fitted in the kitchen over Thursday and Friday (a complex job involving skimming floors etc...)....

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