By Pinkhairedlady


Another busy day in the life of the puppy. He met more of the neighbours today, including my neighbours gorgeous 8 month old granddaughter and was happy to be held and stroked.

We’re getting a little better anticipating his toileting needs but there were a couple of wee accidents which were soon cleared up.

A trip in the car to drop Miss PHL at a friends flat for the evening and he was good as gold there and back. We have bought a seatbelt restraint and will try him with that on the next car trip once he gets used to his harness.

Whilst he chilled after eating, running about and sleeping I tacked the ironing and can now see the bottom of the basket!

I’m having an early night to be ready for the early shift tomorrow morning - Mr PHL will do the midnight and 4.30 slots as Miss PHL is staying over at her chums.

Thank you so much for the love, stars, favourites and welcome you have shown Phin - he’s hovering around pages 3 and 4 of popular. Very much appreciated.

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