By seizetheday

Path around Humbleton Hill

A late-afternoon walk walk with MrM, up through Humbleton village and round the back of Humbleton Hill. The same route we took just over a month ago, and my favourite local walk - I like the feeling of space and freedom up on the moors (extra). Last time it was warm and and the heather was in bloom; today it looked - and felt - much more autumnal, with a distinct chill in the air by the time we walked back in to Wooler. Just after 7.30pm by then, and the light was fading fast!

Thinking about Lucy today, who was moving to her new accommodation in Leeds. In normal times we would have gone down to help out. But she was assisted by some very good friends, and it sounds as though it all went very smoothly. And, being realistic, I'm getting too old to manhandle heavy boxes up and down stairs...

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