Charming Neighbours

One of the downsides of having a lovely big terrace is that the people who live above you can be pigs and chuck their discarded rubbish down for you to pick up and dispose of.  Last night someone clearly had a little shindig from the looks of the evidence blowing around this morning.  We had the "pleasure" of picking up 7 cigarette butts (two found under chairs after I took this shot), a beer can, an empty Marlboro box, and a rag.  We suspect the culprit is a new renter with a balcony three floors above us.  The other evening when we were sitting outside, we distinctly smelled cigarette smoke (smoking -- of anything -- is strictly forbidden in our building) and when we looked up we saw a person leaning on their balcony.  As soon as they saw us, they disappeared quickly indoors.  Grr!

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