Feather on Gravel

Another glorious sunny day which I spent in the garden. Looking for a blip I spotted this feather on the gravel and I liked the contrast in textures. 

Day 190 / Full Day 182 of Lockdown / Day 8 of Rule of Six (for my record only)
UK deaths up 11 to 41,788 (revised basis), with new daily cases up by 4,368 and 1,081 patients in hospital. The UK Covid-19 alert level has been raised to Level 4 which means that the 'epidemic is in general circulation; transmission is high or rising exponentially', after the recommendation from the four nation's CMOs and the Joint Biodiversity Centre (it was downgraded mid-June). The PM spoke to First Ministers in the devolved nations today and will chair an emergency COBRA meeting tomorrow ahead of an announcement of response changes. 4 more areas in Wales enter lockdown and tighter restrictions in NI.

The CSA & CMO held a press conference on their own today to go through the current situation and how serious it is and why. We are on the same path as Spain and France who have seen exponential growth in new cases and now increased deaths. Here new cases of the virus are doubling every 7 days (increased positive results, not increase in testing no's) and it's moving up the age bands. If this rate of growth goes unchecked then there would be 49,000 cases a day by 13th Oct and 200 deaths a day a month later. Cases rose in workplaces, then local communities and now pretty much countrywide. The virus has changed a bit, but not dramatically and no evidence that it's milder. Mortality is reduced due to certain drugs, but not to trivial levels. The 'seasons are against us'.  Implications for direct Covid deaths; overwhelming the NHS; indirect deaths due to knock on effect on other treatments; to be balanced against economic and social impact. Can't each manage our own risk as we would be taking risk for everyone else. Actions available are to reduce individual risk (hands, face and particularly space and esp indoors); isolate the virus via self isolation, quarantine & contact tracing; break unnecessary links between households (social contact); and science via drugs, vaccines (H1 next year hopefully) and diagnostics. Speed and action is necessary to change course. 

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