Robin at large

By Robin

Fly Fishing

Super weather for a lunch al fresco today. Too good an opportunity to miss as the weather will be changing in a day or two. We had lunch at Banchory. Lodge. We had been told that tables on the terrace were allocated on a first come basis. We arrived just after midday and were just in time to get a table.

We had an excellent leisurely lunch in the sunshine. A real treat. There was an attractive flower on the table. Moving it slightly away from our plates we found it did an excellent job of diverting the attention of bees etc away from us and our food. The terrace area was fully occupied all the time we were there, tables were taken as soon as they are vacated. I noticed some people were eating inside also.

After lunch we watched this gentleman in the river who no doubt was using a fly to try to attract fish. He was less successful in attracting fish than we were in diverting flies. After an hour or so he gave up and came out of the river, Hopefully his family were not relying on his catch for an evening meal.

Meanwhile an area of the lawn near the hotel was being prepared for a wedding. We saw some of the guests arriving, but left before the ceremony.

Extras show the hotel and the river passing to the side of the lodge.

Fly fishing is an old pastime, but the challenge is always new. Which is a rather tortuous way of making the photograph fit the theme for the day.

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