I've been busy-busy-busy all day. Mostly on my feet. The reason: I needed to stay awake till bedtime after last night, when I only got about three-and-a-half hours sleep. Didn't catch off till nearly 5am and was awake again soon after 8.30. I know as one ages, one needs less sleep, but that's really not enough. Planning an early night tonight, having successfully avoided a daytime snooze.

So, we have several clean windows, a vacuumed and dusted bungalow, more clutter cleared, washing pegged out and soon dried. The ironing can wait till tomorrow, and I have to admit I didn't go for a walk today; simply too tired. Tomorrow is another day!

This is the only photo I've taken today - a sunbathing blackbird. It's been a beautiful day, mild and sunny, with a very light wind. Quick digital play! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

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