Lost in Thought

By steveng

32G ... 32M (MM348)

I left it too late for an outside blip, so searching around the office these two memory cards came to the rescue.  The 32 Mb card probably came with one of our early compacts,  the 32 Gb would have been bought for a DSLR.

32 Mb would just about hold one RAW file from our current cameras!

Thanks to Gadgetkid for hosting, and to you all for visiting my journal.

OpenReach should be fixing our internet connection and phone line tomorrow - it's all gone quite slow and I've had to pause my backup to get any sort of other connectivity.  In other news:  I cut the grass, Gill cleaned the inside of the motorhome, the scaffolding was put up for our solar panels and we had what will probably be the last warm weather socially distanced coffee & cake session on our lawn.

Going dark early now, but it is the Autumnal Equinox tomorrow!

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