By strawhouse


We had to get Miss E a Chromebook for school and it’s been winging its way from China for the last week or so. It arrived this morning, sooner than we expected and to say that Miss E was giddy would be an understatement! She and Mr K spent a happy half hour setting it up.
I wasn’t expecting her to be that fussed - she kidnapped my Mac Book last year (and I got a crappy Chromebook after having written half my book on my phone and realising I was never getting the Mac book back!) - but she was so chuffed with it. See extras!
Ordinarily they start using them after Christmas in Year 8 but this year they wanted us to get them earlier, presumably in anticaption of Covid quarantines.
I was very pleased with myself booking Eurotunnel for our Normandy trip in June (fingers crossed!!)
Ordinarily I get the Tesco’s vouchers then wait for weeks to ring and book the train. By which time it’s generally gone up in price and we have to go at some crappy time.
I got the Tesco’s vouchers yesterday and rang today to book. It’s like a miracle!!!

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