By Arachne

The scrap metal career, cont.

I made the very most of what was probably the last warm, sunny day until April next year by working in the garden in sandals and shorts.

I dug some ground that has been very thoroughly dug twice in the last three months. This was the metal I extracted over about four hours - including breaks. The volume of glass and china was about the same. I have no doubt that there is plenty more still in there. (I do hope the many bones I also dug up were once buried by a dog.)

Just as the clouds started rolling in to blanket us in autumn and winter, I went to the bike repair shop without either washing or covering my soily knees. I've done it on Zoom, now is the time to try it out irl. Cycle repairers were probably an easy win. I'll work my boldness up gradually towards the Queen's Garden Party I'll never be invited to.

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