The Love Child Chronicles

By lovechild

Puppy Love

When I was a very young Love Child, I was attacked by a German Shepard. For many years, the mere sight of a dog would send me into a panic.

It was not until I was introduced to my brother's Black Lab puppy that I started to warm up to dogs. Even then, large dogs were pretty much off limits for my comfort zone.

The first German Shepard I came to know and like was named Taco. He was a mixed breed and a friend's pet, so I got to know him pretty well. In fact, I even dog sat for him a few times over the years.

Today, I encountered this little pup at the post office. He was outside, waiting for his momma to come out from mailing a package. I had decided to stand with him and have a chat, as his owner was very nervous about leaving him alone. (She must be new in town, as there have been no recent dog-knappings here.)

As soon as he sat on my feet, I knew we would be fast friends. Kids and dogs like me most of the time. I believe it is because they know I have a pure heart and mean them no harm.

He agreed to be the subject of my Blip today. I'm not sure how large he will be when he grows up, but I hope to meet up with him along the way.

Who knows, maybe I'll get a puppy one day.

A very small breed.

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