Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

That kind of day

For the first time in ages we've had a kind of damp day - one huge dump of rain this afternoon, otherwise just annoying little mizzles.  I'm happy to say this was taken during one of the latter.

From where this was shot, a bit before lunchtime, you're looking down Hammond Passage to Winchester's High Street - which, despite borisitis, is still pretty full of people. I had to wait a bit to get just one person and an umbrella.  Luckily no-one tried coming past and looking at me strangely!

Many thanks to steveng for hosting today's WidWed on the theme of 'built environment'.

Well, dear UK blippers, isn't life just a tiny bit depressing?  Despite an effort to be intelligent, I've finally got to the point of of feeling totally fogged about what we should or shouldn't be doing about covid - without the energy to work it out!  I think I'll climb aboard my private jet and whisk off to the Bahamas until it's all over!

Tootle pip  xx

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