By Bella888

We need more of these

Outside seating is popping up outside eateries all over the country. And not surprisingly it has often been difficult to find a seat.

We aren’t going inside shops etc, so having outside venues is a godsend, in decent weather. Today we sat under a solitary parasol, in the small space, outside Coffee Saloon in Westbourne, I suggested they had a semi-enclosed shelter, and seems that’s already being considered.

Not the best of weather. Grey, some rain, chilly at times. Collected Mr B from tennis, had coffee. Went home.

Seeing Covid figures going Sky high (6178 new cases just announced), have persuaded my man to put tennis membership on hold. Can see we’ll soon be back to pacing the balcony.

Thanks to Steveng for today’s Wide Wednesday challenge ‘Built Environment’ (man made) The parasols blipped provide a perfect man-made solution to protection against (some of) the elements.

Stay safe out there (it’s a while since we’ve been saying that).  

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