By seizetheday

Through the kitchen window

A day trip to Leeds, via the Yorkshire Dales. First stop, a view point over Swaledale, for a picnic lunch. Then to Hunslett, to pick up our futon bed roll (hopefully a substantial improvement on an air bed), after which we got totally lost and went on a lengthy ‘magical mystery tour’ of Leeds. Google maps knew there were several sets of roadworks, but was incapable of directing us round them! Eventually we met up with Lu, and once again braved the traffic to fetch a chest of drawers from her previous accommodation and instal it in her new abode.

Then the long drive back to Northumberland, bringing Lu with us to stay for a few days. Her visit was planned a while ago, and with the new Coronavirus restrictions we thought long and hard about whether or not it should go ahead. A difficult decision, but given the circumstances it seemed the right thing, and the best thing, to do. So, distance or no, we are her ‘bubble’ in these difficult times...

Photo by Lucy. Taken on a sunny day! 'Twas raining all day today...

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