A busy day, and one that didn't go at all to plan, but in a nice way!

First, coffee with Jacqui who came to inspect the decorating in the hall. Glad to say that it met with approval! Fletch the chunky chihuahua came too, of course, and managed to persuade us to give him a treat or two.

Before lunch, the plumber arrived and installed the new cartridge in the shower, much to our relief. We should be able to alter the temperature of the water now!

A trip to Belford in the afternoon to visit Andrea - the first time we've met up since the beginning of the pandemic, and very good to see her again. Her garden's amazing.

Back home just in time for me to change and dash out to yoga - a challenging session.

On the way back from Belford we passed a huge field, where the land was being harrowed. Following this tractor was another, towing a seed hopper.

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