By Rosemarie55

Wagtail and Fly!

12°C  -  13 mph NNE Wind Speed  -  20 mph Gusts  -  Cloudy  -  Sunny Intervals.  Booked my flu jab for October 5th at the local Health Centre.  Took some rubbish to the Dump.  Shopped in Lidls.  Visited the Links Pond and was surprised to see it had nearly dried up again!  Not many birds there  -  a few ducks and seagulls  -  so it was nice to see some Wagtails hopping around.  Took lots of shots and have chosen this one (cropped) because it tells a story  -  he’s just caught a fly and his reflection is quite strong  -  it's a bit fuzzy but what the heck!☺ it's the story that counts sometimes and not the quality of the shot. He is standing in the part of the Pond that the Swans are usually swimming in!

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