John and Jim

In a couple of months, I'll try and remember to swap this photo for John and Jim. Here, you've got me dropping back into Mallerstang on my way home in the van.

John showed me how an old hay loft worked with a horse pulling a sledge up a ramp for the farmer to offload the hay into the barn below, turning the horse round in the hayloft ready to start again.  He explained markers on the wall to compare years of how good the hay had been - a bit like marking flood levels.  He waited for my eyes to adjust to show me the beautifully handcrafted stable and trough.  

Later on, I asked if Jim would listen to other people's whistles or whether it was just peculiar to him.  He said, "Can you whistle?"
I said, "Yes, m'dad taught me."
"What, with your fingers?"
"Go on then, give it a try."  So I did.  Jim kept on rounding up the beautiful Rough Fells but I'm not sure if he was just being kind to me!  John said, "Go on, keep going!"  

What a privelege to be able to visit such warm-hearted people and experience a flavour of farming life and half a century of history.  (And a nod to dad for teaching me how to whistle properly :D)

Rain of epic proportions, on the other hand, is a touch stressful when you're on a photography mission.  Hopefully, I've still managed to do the location, people, animals and flora justice despite the non-stop 'hoofing it' conditions.

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