489 to 35

The perfect day for whittling down my photos from yesterday.  I didn't think yesterday's weather could have been any more apocalyptic but hello 'super cell' thunder and lightening storm!

We managed to get out before the rain started properly and I was fully expecting to enjoy the forecast sunshine this evening again with Little Dog and a blue sky photo.  Well, that all changed!

In physio this afternoon, we heard the first rumble of thunder - that was at about 3.30.  It soon turned into a raging storm and by the time I arrived home at just gone four, Little Dog was hiding on the landing away from all windows.  Must be bad for an almost deaf dog. She's stayed under my desk for the afternoon during the mini-power cuts and two hours of hail alongside massive cracks of thunder and lightening.  I almost got under there with her at one point.

I think it got stuck in Wharfedale! 

Was that that the Autumn Lights Switch-on?

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