About to turn

By jMcLean

Autumn on the Hill

It continues cool and nice for walking, but muggier again. The half moon fuzzed over by the time I got back down. The cricketsong has faded. This morning I found the cricket in our house who'd been chirping the other night with a giant chirp. He turned out to be a Very Small cricket, who is now back outside. There's another one somewhere in the basement, though, and he doesn't keep time to the metronome when the kids practice.

Met friend Laura at the sycamore hill this afternoon. Someone had beat us to the picnic tables...first time that's happened. We retreated to a table at the playground by the library, listened to happy kids discussing their imaginary kingdoms, watched a bunny, had a good old visit, and got a half hour's intense work done. 

Back home...pizza for dinner and a walk up the hill. The extras are shots along the way. Now falling asleep...

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