About to turn

By jMcLean

Daughter by the Lamppost

We drove to Reston today...practically felt like the big city compared to our pocket of countryside. Shopping at the Apple store during Covid was quite an experience, one that involved alcohol swabs before signing screens and "we'd normally set this up for you, but you have to do it at home now." But the end result is a happy daughter with a functioning new phone, and she was more than capable of setting it up herself. 

Also took I. to the doctor to follow up on a pinkie finger tendon issue. These things are important when you play the cello. 

Got some writing done too, and am reading about things like counting samples of insect populations, the staggering decline in insect populations, the links between other parts of ecosystems and insect populations...one of my characters is a naturalist. It's interesting and alarming.

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