Baby Rose

Today my good friend Gee had her baby - little Rose weighing in at 6lb 10 and born at 12.05. I’ve never seen such a glamorous post birth mother picture! She had her eyelashes and nails done last week in preparation for the birth :)

Fresh fish Thursday with the family was the usual laughs and bants! Ben informed me he loves Eminem and was huddled over the Sonos marvelling at the speaking speed of one of the tracks. He loves Rap !!

He also wanted dropped off at school at 830 as ‘That's when anything exciting happens’ (like last week when they went looking for one of the classmates lost dog to the park despite being told they haven’t to leave the playground . It was found and they made it back with 2 seconds to spare).

Played Metro and was amused when my mum came second despite being her first time playing.

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