By TrishaR

Breagha’s Rose

Mum bought a rose bush for a pot to put on Breagha’s grave in our garden and it has produced the most beautiful roses - the smell is intoxicating.

Today here in Perth the temps reached 21 degrees and I was roasted doing the garden. It was lovely sitting out for lunch before we headed to Kinross for my physio appt. both sides of shoulder were stabbed with tiny needles !

Stopped off at a deli in Kinross for some quiche for tea .

Laura texted to say their Macmillan sale at work made 500 quid. I am sure my Tiffin was well received :). All the cake was bought up. That’s a great amount.

Another U turn by BOJo this time the lorry drivers. Meanwhile he is speaking at the UN quoting Kermit the Frog, ironic the biggest muppet of all is quoting a Muppet. FFS!

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