By jess_lovett


Apparently they might fix our tv and have sent us some new software to try installing on it!

Before we realised this we had a very long and really quite heated debate about what TV to replace it with. I think it’s a sham that a TV can break after 2 years and also feel bad about the environmental waste of constantly replacing these things. So my proposal was to get a TV from John Lewis because they do a 5 year warranty on all their TVs. But there is a smaller choice, so for our limited budget we would get a slightly older TV. I don’t really care about size or picture quality because I consider even the worst TVs to have decent image quality these days and don’t need to see every nostril hair on the news reporters face. Also my feeling is, at least it won’t break down in 18 months time.

James, being a man, (why are men so obsessed with huge TVs?!) was insisting that we had to get the largest, newest, flashiest possible TV within our price range, even if that means it comes with the standard 1 year warranty.

In the end we flipped a coin and I won. But then we found they might fix our current one for free! Spoke to an unusually helpful customer service assistant on the phone. Fingers crossed. BUT no TV for a week :(

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