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By Sheol

Swinging in the breeze

Flower Friday: Fuschias

To be fair, the fuchsias were not gently swinging in the breeze, rather they were being buffeted by the gale, but I managed this shot during a brief lull.

I hung some towels on the rotary line earlier on, with extra pegs on each towel to ensure that we didn't loose any to the neighbours.  After an hour I brought them in completely dry, although I think that the rotary line now has a bit of a tilt to the south east (the wind was coming from the north west).

This is the first time I've blipped fuschias.  I've chosen a moment when they were shaded as I find it very hard to get the exposure right when they are in the sunshine, the red needs to be under exposed by at least two stops.

We have our son James and his wife Katie staying with us this weekend.  We were worried earlier in the week that covid restrictions would mean that the long awaited stay might have to be cancelled, but fortunately not.  

Cases are once again rising rapidly, despite the problems with the testing system.  One article I read today (based on an ONS survey) suggested that it is not unlikely that there are three times as many cases as are currently being reported, given the limitations on the availability of testing.  The summer may have lulled us into a false sense of security.  Stay safe people, now is not the time to relax.  There's no getting away from it I am afraid, its going to be a long hard winter (whatever the weather!).

I have my flu jab booked for tomorrow.  It has all been booked via the local GP surgery on line without the need to speak to the surgery receptionist.  I have a niggling doubt that it will all work out correctly, as I haven't been sent any form of confirmatory communication. But the appointment is showing up when I look at the booking system, so I will set off in the morning with my finger's crossed and see what transpires ....

Enjoy your weekends :-)

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