Abstract Thursday ....

... light and shadows.

Today dawned with overcast skies and I thought it was going to be difficult to get an abstract with the above theme of light and shadows.  And it was to begin with ...

We had a busy afternoon with lots of shopping, driving and a walk thrown into the mix.  We needed to go the Costco to pick up Richard's new glasses and you can't go to Costco without buying things! 

After leaving Costco we stopped quickly at a grocery store for more things and then got some take-out sandwiches from a restaurant that we haven't been to before.  The sandwiches were okay ... but I don't think we will go back.  We took our sandwiches to Lone Lane Park to eat and then stopped at Housenick Memorial Park for our walk.  

The sun was just setting as we were leaving Housenick.  I took a few pictures as I liked the light and shadows created by the trees and the sunset.  I played around in Topaz Studio to make it more abstract. I like the results.  Do you?

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