By dunkyc


I hadn’t caught up with Simmo in a spell, so we made arrangements for a walk, gossip and cake.

It’s a pretty lethal combination, that. Particularly on a gloriously sunny Saturday with respective children scattered to the wind. 

It was a cool breeze though, which for a baldy like me necessitated the addition and removal of a hat at various stages throughout our meander, but it was good to catch up with a good friend as we both had some stuff to share.

The pathway was very busy with like-minded people and I also saw about four “wild swimmers” (although they didn’t look that angry) emerging from the river/beck. Unfortunately, the café was heaving and the queue not showing any signs of moving, so we went to the takeaway area of Chester’s and got a couple of hot chocolates with a focaccia slice for the lady and a disgustingly rich doughnut loaded with a praline cream which contained about a million calories.

I’m lucky to have a friend like her in my life, someone with whom you can share everything, completely incriminate yourself in your own mishaps, but know that the other person won’t judge for you it. They’ll certainly have a justified laugh at your expense and lightly take the mickey, but never judge. God bless her for that!

The rest of the day was rounded out with some chores and a lovely evening spent in good company once more, also featuring the best lasagne I have ever tasted and copious amounts of laughter at my comedy man-crush; Andy Samberg (and chums), in Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping!

The view is from just outside Elterwater looking towards The Langdales.

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