While on my runs

By waipushrink

Spring is certainly here

A day that was barely manageable due to the amount that needed to be done, and the loss of almost two hours due to having a meeting at which I was presenting the medical workforce plan to one group of psychiatrists. Had I known that not one of them would be in the room with me, I would have stayed in my office and like them linked through Zoom. I have a number of other meetings planned in the next four weeks. I'll check before travelling off site next time.

Daylight saving (an eminently non-scientific name for putting the clocks forward one hour in the summer) began yesterday. So although I was late home at nearly 6 pm, it was as if it was not quite 5 pm, so it was very easy to have a run. Felt good. The sense that I was lumbering along which I had a couple of weeks ago, was completely absent. Many of the rises that were hills to walk up a few months ago now don't slow me down much. 

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