By biddy

Goldfinch in the bird bath.

Well, he found the sides a little bit too steep to reach the water for a drink, He arrived before I cleaned all the of the bird baths and replenished their supply. 
I took the photo just after breakfast from the back bedroom window so it is a bit blurry. I was then going for my walk.  
When  Stephen came back from his early bike ride, I set off. 
We had an electrician coming at 11.00am. to fix the back security light and the front porch light, now the evenings are becoming darker sooner. 
  He had it mended by the time I got home again,
I enjoyed my 3 mile circular, 
There is not a breath of wind today, and the evocative scents of the fallen leaves along the verges are  now more evident. 
The colours are changing fast
There was a frost on our extension roof this morning, but not on the grass in the garden. 
First frost of the autumn.    
I don't want to comment on the news this morning, 
I would  just go on and on. 
I'll leave it unsaid here. 

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