By FrankS

In and Out

The chimney sweep came this morning so I was banished to the kitchen for a few hours. It didn't take that long to do the chimney but the room had to be left, well- ventilated, until we were sure it was clear of any viruses.

As I was in the kitchen I prepared and cooked some stuffed peppers for lunch.  I had to use reduced-fat mature cheddar rather than gruyere but the end result was just as nice.

After lunch I went for a walk whilst Ann was on a WhatsApp video call to her friend.  I walked to the canal bridge at Bishopton and then along the towpath to the next bridge at Timothy Bridge Road.  It was a very nice circular walk, Ann was still on the phone when I returned. 

The theme for today's Mono Monday hosted by Chantler63 is In and Out.  I had a couple of options but I think I prefer this one, a canal boat, In and Out of the water, alternatively the reflection is In the water whilst the boat is Out.  I hope that makes sense, maybe I should have used my second choice (canal lock)!

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