Poor Cato. He had nothing to eat after 8 o'clock last night. We'd tried to encourage him to eat before we had to take it up. This morning he had to be packed into his carrier and off we went to the vet. We left him with the nice nurse and came home. We thought about going somewhere but didn't and were pleased to get the call to say we could pick him up at 4.

He was a bit mazed (as we say down here), possibly hallucinating and a bit unsteady on his feet. He had a little food and was rushing around too much so we decided to put him in his carrier so he settled down. It's fortunate that he likes this carrier. At his first home where he was born he had a carrier like it as his retreat space so he goes in there quite happily. He's out now and into everything and there's us trying to keep him quiet!

One way or another this is the only photo I've taken today, just before we went off to the vets, and it sums the day up perfectly.

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