Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Humber Trees

Long shadows Take 2. We let Cato out in the garden today, we put his harness on but left the lead off. He was able to fly around the garden at his usual turbo pace chasing everything that moved, leaves, flies, bees. I expect he'll catch a bee at some poit. I don't know if they only do that once.

He does get a bit overstimulated, so after a little while we brought him in and got him to rest. He does love to go out and tends to howl a bit when he can't.

He has an appointment at the vets tomorrow, he's going to have a delicate procedure to his nether regions and he's also going to be chipped. Once that's done and he can sit comfortably (and when he's forgiven us) he'll be able to use his cat flap although it will be locked from early evening until after we're up and about in order to protect wildlife.

I decided to fit a dash cam today. This was spurred by an incident on Monday when I was going up the A 303. I'd just pulled out to pass a slow vehicle and a Discovery towing a caravan decided to overtake me on the inside. I don't know if he forgot he was towing but it was a bit worrying! 'Which' have just reviewed dash cams so that was quite timely. It was a bit of a fiddle to hard wire it and conceal the wires but I didn't want to be faffing with the lighter socket. It took me all afternoon but I think it's a good job done.

Because of that it was late by the time I went out and the sun was low and strong. I've used these trees for this purpose before and they delivered a nice sunburst for me.

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