Misty Marvelousness

Opened our blinds this morning at the bankers' training place to glorious sunshine on misty valleys stretching away into the distance; here's one zoomed-in detail.

What can I say? It's been a really good break, and learnt lots about Portugal; especially how little I know, after being utterly clueless about most questions on Portuguese Trivial Pursuits last night, doesn't help that we don't watch telly. Mike's still suffering with his tooth, even after doubling the antibiotic dose on the advice of a doctor friend, and I've had a run of bad nights. So it was good to just sleep a lot more than usual, and relax. And have a hot bath, we indulged both nights. And to be cool. And be whizzed around in someone else's car, and not have to make any decisions. 

For our trip home, see Mike's Blip.

- learning to like a guy who really annoyed me the first time we met
- the true friendship of Cecílio and Ermelinda
- getting to see the Anemas and Padre Luís on the way home

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