Back to Doggy School

I don't think Jonty took me seriously when I said we were going back to Doggy School after being absent since March.
Getting the bag out and filling the treat bag with cut up sausage convinced him and he sat in the hallway waiting for me.
He loved it, seeing some old friends, have a good sniff of each other and lots of wagging tails.
I didn't expect too much to be honest, we haven't been practicing apart from 'STOP' in the park which he is very obedient at doing.
However, he really took me, and Celia the instructor and a Crufts judge, aback when he performed flawlessly. I was very, very, proud of him. I know he's been going since he was a puppy so almost 13 years but he is getting old.
One thing she gives leeway for is he is allowed to stand in lots of exercises when other dogs are sitting. He is obviously having some joint trouble when he tries to sit.
Comes to us all Jonty, but in fact he is, in doggy years, older than me now. He was 13 years old last July.

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