Day Of The Diva

By Katherineellis

Max goading Royston

Royston doesn’t like ‘his’ Ivy being fiddled with! He can be seen reflected in the mirror on the left. That mirror was in my bedroom as a child as part of a wardrobe and the big mirror was always in my mothers living room and is probably over 100 years old.

I love having coffee on the roof terrace with Max.

I haven’t felt very good today, I spoke to the doctor and I’ve reduced some of my medication further, I have purposely done less walking unless Pilates because I felt I needed a bit of rest so I’ll see how I feel tomorrow, bit better I hope.

Had a lovely visit from my friend Jo Carroll, we met when I was pregnant with Zebedee and she was pregnant with her second child Ben in an exercise class and have been friends ever since, she brought some mango and melon with her which was lovely. Royston performed for her by eating some worms.

I’ve basically spent the whole day watching TV, apart from a short walk round the cemetery and about 10 minutes of Pilates, I just needed to relax today.

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