Panda's Pics

By pandammonium


Back at the vet’s.

I was talking to the vet outside. She thought Mr Perkins’ infection must have got worse. She was wrong: he’d been getting better.

Yesterday, Mr Pandammonium noticed Mr Perkins’ fur was matted below his fluffy ruff. When Mr Perkins came in sodden this morning, I dried him off and noticed the matted fur wasn’t matted fur but a wound. Hence back at the vet’s.

When the vet came back out with Mr Perkins, she said he had an abscess. He’s either been bitten or he’s caught himself on something. The vet and vet nurse shaved his fur off and cleaned it all up. He had an antibiotic injection for his infection the other day, which is handy, but he might need a top-up on Friday.

My poor boy is in the wars.

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