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I slept much better last night, thanks for all the sympathy. I think my mind is just full of 'what ifs' at the moment. Still waiting for scan feedback and a date for face. Then I guess there 's the current situation which would be so much more bearable if we had an end date, then there is the dreaded B..... word which I can't bear to think about.... and, and, and... At least I don't have to go to work after a bad night, so I'm fine.
Today, after a good night's sleep I woke to the predicted weather change, still at least it wasn't too cold. I walked to D'mains and back, I met a member of the congregation on the way so stopped for a long distance chat!
After lunch I headed out to Craigie, they do a very nice line in chicken and ham pies. I had a good laugh with the member of staff who had the job of washing the pumpkin/squash that they sell. We agreed it had wonderful possibilities for a what did you do at work today conversation!
Nice to laugh and smile with her, sometimes I think people have forgotten how. It astounds me how many people look away as they pass you and avoid eye contact. Even more the number of people who don't even say thank you when you walk out onto a busy road to give them space, manners cost nothing and even a smile would be nice.
The only picture I took today was of this dress which I picked up for Ali, it looks nice and cosy and comfortable for work. She'll see it tomorrow.

Keep well everybody and stay safe. For once I quite like the PM's slogan of - Hands, Face and Space. I just wish everything else he said was as clear.

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