Marking Time

By Libra

Time in the Scottish Highlands

View up loch Faskally this morning from our hotel. More Lamborghinis have arrived joined now by some Ferraris and Maserati’s- who are these people? How did they earn their money? Better not to ask.
Still, in the dining room this evening I found myself casting furtive looks around trying to work out who were these multi millionaires in our midst. None seemed to fit the bill.
Visited the Scottish rural museum in Blair Atholl, a reminder that the “ good old days” were anything but and those of us who remember rural life fifty years ago have no wish to see a return to it.
I was intrigued to see that the local doctor,  Dr Anderson, used to visit  patients  living in remote glens in winter on his  horse drawn sleigh,  now an exhibit in the museum, (see extra).
 Please note my new hat acquired this morning shopping in Pitlochry . I bought it from a nice Sikh who told us that he is investing money in gold in case things go “belly up” .

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