Mostly Six Five Oh

By nhc

I was felled by a migraine yesterday.  It had a very elaborate aura.  I've been drawing the auras to keep track of the shapes.  Wish I could animate my drawings of them, the way they shimmer and move and change.  They start off with shapes that are like an 80s pop video on MTV, jagged and overlaying everything I see, this one then morphed into an aurora borealis type thing.  I'd had two days of food tasting funny/bad which was a clue that this was on the way.


I found a window of 'Acceptable' air quality and went down to the pool, I swam for 40 minutes before the wind changed and it deteriorated rapidly, smoke pungent and visible. 

I was talking with a college friend about small pleasures, how important they are, particularly now.  The small pleasure for her that day was some delicious blue cheese on her salad.  It came to mind today as I was in the cool water for that 40 minutes, made me notice it more and be extra glad of it.


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