Extreme Close-Up

This morning there was no heron waiting for me as I crossed the River Test on my way to the station, instead there was a little egret. I think it was doing the same thing as the heron though.

Work was a bit more productive that yesterday - not that yesterday was bad but I think today was better. After work we played badminton as we didn't have any commitments after work for a change!

Today's blip is a class 10 / UHS-1 Secure Digital High Capacity card. It arrived in the post today. I already have cards of the same size in my cameras (see previous "no card"), but this one is marginally faster and allows me to cascade down the one of the older ones for my Raspberry Pi when I buy one.

No love hearts from me, my better half is far too practical, and as the kids in town said yesterday "February the 15th is cheap chocolate day"...

Apologise for the title, I couldn't resist...

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