A Daily Dose

By suejay50

Dont mess with me!

I have not idea what this aggressive little fellow was but he certainly did not take kindly to having a macro lens thrust up his nostril...... well, not literally but certainly close!
A lovely afternoon following a wet night and morning so Trish and self went off to Brighton as she'd never been and went up the i360 which gives amazing views out over the whole of the city. Got fine views due to the clear weather - fabulous. Did not get down the lanes due to lack of time but it was good to spend time on the front.
A new month - wow - where did this year vanish?  

Again huge thanks for all the wonderful comments, hearts and stars sprinkled on this journal - very much appreciated and I will endeavour, when back home, to pop in and say thanks.  The internet here is awful but I guess I ought to be grateful that I have some occasionally!

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