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Still Life With Gin (Thursday 1st October 2020)

I paid for my bid for freedom last Sunday, because the next time I tried to use the car (Archie) I found I had a flat tyre. It spent from 1700 hr on Tuesday until 1630 hr the next day at the garage. Apparently a prickly blackthorn leaf had made a pinhole in the sidewall of the tyre, a notorious peril at this time of year, making it unrepairable. This probably happened on the rough single-track Bowerhill Lane on my return drive as I had felt the car beginning to drag as I reached home, and wondered if something had attached itself to an axle.
That and Alex kept me largely indoors thereafter, apart from a couple of shopping trips into Calne and a tour round the church looking for the falcon (it wasn't there). Additionally, on Thursday I was awaiting delivery of my quarterly gin and extras delivery, which overcame the delivery curse and arrived as advertised at 1730 hr (thank you Yodel).
I loved the look of the special Whitby gin ("botanicals of the sea and moorland") and thought it would look good in monochrome, continuing a tradition of taking photographs on the wrong day for the appropriate challenge. When I looked at it under stronger light I saw that it was far more colourful than it first appeared, so a colour image appears in Extras (taken on the Lumix LX-100).

So much clearer in Large (Full Screen) view

2.10.2020 (1309 hr)

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Taken with Pentax KS-1 (Blue) and Pentax HD P-DA 35mm F2.8 macro prime limited lens

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Eddie Kendricks - Date With The Rain (recorded by 1 March 1972, Detroit MI)
Still in my Motown bubble, and on this day I reached the CD SoulSatisfaction02, which included this by Eddie Kendricks from his first solo album after leaving the Temptations, the group he co-founded as the Primes a decade or more earlier. This track seemed appropriate for the day and comes from that solo album, People... Hold On, recorded with his touring group, The Young Senators, composed of Jimi Dougans, Frank Hooker, LeRoy Fleming, Wornell Jones, David Lecraft, James Drummer Johnson and John Engram.

One year ago:
Diary Blip

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