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Diary Blip (Tuesday 6th October 2020)

The doorbell rang while I was recording this diary blip. It was a Domino's pizza delivery man. He knew he was at the wrong house but wanted directions to the house opposite, on the other side of the drive (whose house number is displayed at the bottom of the drive). So the theme of deliveries continues, and slightly undid the good work of Ken Loach's latest film Sorry We Missed You, revealing the appalling conditions that couriers are forced to work under, that I had seen at the weekend.

I've been wrestling with the mini hi-fi set up in the kitchen as the main unit began to fail earlier in the year. It was small enough that the TV could fit inside the alcove (without its stand) and had outputs for two pairs of speakers, both in use.

I couldn't find a replacement that had both these necessary features but finally solved the conundrum by fitting the stand to the TV (losing some table space) and placing a larger old amp, which had the requisite speaker terminals, on the shelf below, and re-siting a Panasonic mini hi-fi unit that I already had that I could connect to the large amp instead of using its own.

One last-minute hitch was with the Panasonic. Although it does have DAB+, Bluetooth, USB and all sorts of sophisticated features, it lacks any outputs on the back whatsover. This nearly kyboshed the whole thing until I realised that I could use the headphone socket, and then found a suitable mini-jack-to-RCA plug cable that plugged in successfully to the amplifier - untidy, but functional. Also connected to the amp are a Freesat TV box and a smart BluRay player. The TV is also connected via a long composite cable to a Sky set top box situated upstairs in my study.

Readers, it all works, and I didn't have to buy anything except some connectors to extend the lead to the TV. I just put the TV monitor on for this blip, with a picture relayed from the Sky box.

Other than that I used Archie for the first time post-puncture for a shopping trip to Marlborough that was photographically uninspiring. I stopped in Calne on the way back hoping to catch sight of the peregrine falcon (it wasn't there) and got some groceries.

6.10.2020 (2043 hr)

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Taken with Panasonic/Leica DMC-LX100 M4/3 compact

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Bunny Lee and the Aggrovators - Dub Is Shining
We lost two names from the world of reggae today: Johnny Nash, an American who was the first non-Jamaican to record in a Kingston studio, and who was pivotal in advancing the career of Bob Marley, who he signed to his JAD label. He also released the first version of Bob Marley's Stir it Up.
Bunny Lee was a record producer and sound engineer, who was one of the pioneers of dub reggae, sometimes working alongside King Tubby. His house band, the Aggrovators, sometimes known as Bunny Lee's All Stars, played on countless records. He produced almost every deejay artist on their toasts over existing Studio One or Treasure Isle "riddim" dub plates. I have chosen his dub of Bob Marley's Sun Is Shining.

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