Lost in Thought

By steveng

A new approach

I've decided that my old back injury is making it increasingly difficult for me to carry the big Canon 5D/Filter kit/Tripod etc and walk any significant distance.  Not a huge problem on the monochrome workshop as we didn't actually walk very far, but on our day around Crummock it would have been good to have had a tripod and a few filters available.

In the time it takes me to set up and photograph a landscape, Gill can paint a couple of sketch watercolours, so there shouldn't be any waiting around for either of us.

So - while we were up in Keswick I bought a new rucksack with a more serious hip belt and I'm going to try a set of Kood & Cokin filters I had been using on my previous cameras, they are not in the same league as my big Lee filters, but I can't really justify the cost of the new Lee 85mm set up.  We're away to the south coast in a couple of weeks (C-19 restrictions permitting) and then back in the Lakes in early November so I should have a chance to see how this works out.   I've been very happy with the Canon M5 since I bought it and the Manfrotto travel tripod is stable in all but the windiest conditions.

This blip sharpens up considerably seen large on black - you can see every speck of dust I failed to clean off the filter .

Cokin do now make an aluminium filter holder, with a 95mm polariser which is a possibility is this goes well ... just in time for Christmas too :-)

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