Looking for Shangri-La

Our friend Rose went walking with a group on Sunday and they passed by an area of forest where the lingon berries  were both very numerous and really big. "Like cherries" she said; "A sort of lingonberry Shangri-La". So we joined her today and drove off to Byviken, a small hamlet on the coast, south of town.
We walked inland but the footpath we should have followed had disappeared when the forest was felled. However, we came upon an area with a fantastic amount of lingon and picked there for an hour or so. We each had a bucket and when we decided to take a coffee break the buckets were 2/3 full.
We carried on looking for the area Rose had found a couple of days earlier, but the legend of Shangri-La says that if you do find it, and then leave, you will never be able to find it again. Sure enough, we wandered back and forth, we found some rich picking, we filled our buckets, but the cherry-sized lingon were nowhere to be found.  On the way home we did find another very rich area but by then we were tired and needed to get back for a political meeting so that area will have to wait for another time, possibly another year because we now have so many berries!
The extra shows the autumn colours where we were picking. Even in the mist and the gentle rain the colours seem bright.
We do live in a lovely place!

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