2555 Blips

Seven years of daily photos on Blipfoto - and I'm still enjoying myself and learning new things. How did I keep going? The answer of course is YOU! All the lovely people here on blip.
After one year here I posted my 365th blip and created a picture where 365 lingon berries spelled out "365!".
It would have been a bit nerdish to count out 2555 berries for this blip but there are definitely a lot of berries here to celebrate with!
This is our harvest from yesterday and today's task for me was sorting through them all, removing the twigs, leaves, caterpillars, soggy berries etc. We had picked fairly cleanly but even so it took 2 or 3 hours to get through them all.  Once they were more-or-less clean I passed them on to HarlingDarling who turned some of them into 24 jars of lingon sauce/jam (think cranberry). We still have over half the berries left so we may try making some other product.
Returning to my Blipversary...  When I looked back at that one-year-in blip I was surprised by how relevant what I wrote is, a few years later. In fact, it formed the basis for the following, though some rewriting was required, mostly because I know so many of you so much better today than I did 6 years ago!
Blipfoto been a great ride so far. I always took a lot of pictures but I enjoy the discipline of choosing just one picture every day although my reasons for choosing a particular picture have evolved through the years. I hope you sometimes find something interesting in my images of life, mostly spent here on the coast of mid Sweden.
Which brings me to all of you! I really enjoy your pictures, looking through the window you choose to open into your lives. Some of you have become friends I regularly communicate with on Blipfoto. Others I meet up with in person when we are in the same part of the world. We travel across Sweden, or Europe, to stay with a few of you. What a brilliant lot you are! If any of you are travelling along the Swedish coast, past mid-Sweden, our extra house, The Red House is nearly always available for visitors, and we'll be happy to see you!
I’m still learning more about photography from all of you. I love the variety of your pictures ranging from quick phone snaps to images that you seem to have spent hours processing, and which I could never hope to emulate. The variety also ranges from truly beautiful and/or creative images, to pictures of the everyday, recording some small moment in your day. I enjoy and find inspiration in them all!
As well as your photographs there are your journals, often interesting, often fun, sometimes joyful, sometimes touching, occasionally tragic.
You are showing me how you live in other parts of the world, person by person. You are a source of inspiration.
So I’ll finish by wishing you all the best in your lives and with a great big thank you to all.

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