Back To My Office!

I last landed at Heathrow on March 5th, never having dreamt that it would be 7 months before I would get back on a plane again. I also wouldn’t have dreamt that I’d be decked out in a mask the next time I went to work. I bought these pink masks specially for ‘Pinktober’ - Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I hope everyone on board is compliant with masks - they don’t want to get ‘The Look’ from the lady in the pink mask!

My hair is a mess - we’ve been hit by Storm Alex - windy and wet just in time for my drive to work and walk to the car park bus stop. I tidied myself up before getting on the plane!

Although the cabin picture was taken before passengers got on, it didn’t change much - we have 252 seats on this aircraft and we only had 27 passengers. Yes, the airline industry has been badly hit these months, especially International routes! But it was a nice easy flight to get back into the groove. It was also great to see some colleagues and to catch up on news from the last few months.

My destination today?  Chicago!  It was a beautiful view of the city before landing. Nice to be back!

(All passengers were mask compliant!)

Coincidentally - considering it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - I had received my ‘invitation’ from the NHS for my periodic Breast Cancer Screening, and the date they gave me was yesterday - the FIRST of October!  Well, I could hardly say no, could I?  Especially since it’s been huge in the news in the last couple of days that thousands of women have missed out on their normal screenings because of the pandemic. I’m very grateful for the ‘free’ screenings we benefit from in the UK. And efficient!  I was in and out in about 10 minutes!   (See Extra photo for the mobile unit that comes to our village).

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